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A Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Fundraising

According to a recent article published in the Council for Advancement and Support of Education magazine, 9% of the workforce in advancement offices in Canada and in the United States identify as “non-white”. In the context of this article, “non-white” is the description used to describe Asian, Aboriginal, Black, Hispanic, as well as multiracial heritages.

The following paper seeks to follow in the footsteps of AFP’s strategic goal of “connecting communities around the world by promoting diversity to donors, boards and fundraisers”, but with a focus on how this could be practically achieved within the academic setting in Canada.

By: Zaina-Sophie Salibi

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A Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Resource Document for Tides Canada

Tides Canada is an innovative national charity that is dedicated to a healthy environment, social equity, and economic prosperity for all Canadians. This project will serve as a resource document to continually improve Tides Canada’s recruitment, hiring and selection practices; the goal being that this document will serve as a resource on how to build on an already robust recruitment and hiring process in order to hire staff that are reflective of the diverse communities Tides Canada works within.

By: Melissa Leite

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Lutherwood Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council: Diversity and Inclusion Communication Plan

Diversity and inclusion are integral to the success of Lutherwood’s mission and a vital key to our growth. Their goal is to build a culturally competent organization where all clients, employees and stakeholders are respected, valued and supported.

To guide them in this process, the organization has formed a Diversity and Inclusion Council with representation from the Board, the Senior Leadership Team and the front­line staff.
Sandra Villarraga has created a draft communication plan, which will evolve as Lutherwood’s diversity and inclusion plan is developed.

By: Sandra Villarraga

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Strategies to Youth Empowerment for Philanthropy

Much has been said about the important role that young people play in philanthropy, as agents of change and participation. Certainly, every day young people have more to contribute in each of the areas of community life. The curious thing is that young people face barriers that prevent their full integration as leaders in philanthropic projects in their respective communities.

The Model that is presented in this project is a three-pronged approach that effectively engages young people in work that challenges them to develop skills, gain critical awareness, and participate in opportunities that are necessary for creating community change.

By: Lissette Teran

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Importance of Integrating Fundraising & Program Teams

The non-profit charitable sector has two fundamental staff roles that are critical to organizational success: Fundraising and Program Professionals. Both hold a set of responsibilities that in their own distinct way help to advance and ultimately fulfill the missions establish by non-profit organizations. Regrettably, these two stakeholders may sometimes be operating in a dysfunctional or unproductive institutional culture that hinders their efforts. Invisible barriers and team silos can surface and create a divided work-culture and operational gaps that can unintentionally undermine the aspirational goals of these charities.

This project paper was inspired by Jessica’s own journey working on the side of programs, yet always eager to learn from fundraising practices and fundraising colleagues. In this project, Jessica explores five reasons or consequences that may emerge when operating in a ‘Fundraising versus Programs’ organizational environment. She also presents five ideas for building a collaborative mindset and shift towards an inclusive and unified approach of ‘Fundraising AND Programs’.

By: Jessica Farias

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Course Development of: Diversity and Inclusion Organizational Strategic Planning

In partnership with Brescia University College, Janneth Mayorga is creating a course in a manner that is broad enough to be cross-listed into a variety of programs including but not limited to the university’s Leadership, Business Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS), Non-Profit Management (NPM) and Community Development Programs.

The purpose of this course is to give future leaders of business, non-profits, politics, academia and the community the tools they need to be able to create organizations that celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity. Students will come into this course knowing that diversity and inclusion are social issues that need to be addressed and the theory behind why they are still issues today. However, they will leave with an intercultural competency that equips them to enter their community and be able to strategically think how they can create new change.

By: Janneth Mayorga

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Improving Diversity & Inclusion at Teach For Canada

Teach For Canada is a nonprofit organization that works with First Nations communities in northern Ontario to recruit, prepare, and support committed teachers. Part of the organization’s programming includes selected Teach For Canada teachers participating in the organization’s Summer Enrichment Program at Lakehead University and providing two years of professional and personal support to ensure the teachers succeed–and stay–in the classroom.

This project is aimed at improving diversity and inclusion (hereafter D&I) at Teach For Canada through the following 3-step approach:

  • Assessing Teach For Canada’s existing D&I practices using D&I benchmarking resources
  • Creating a comprehensive D&I strategy, complete with recommendations
  • Developing a realistic timeline of next steps for gradual implementation across the organization

By: Gerri Lutaaya

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Developing A Culture Of Diverse & Inclusive Supporter Communications

As a large global campaigning organization, Greenpeace is highly visible across media. From newspapers to television to the web and our social feeds, Greenpeace communications make their way into households around the world.

In this project, Anil and Wanjiro audit Green Peace fundraising communications and create a D&I checklist to incorporate elements of diversity and inclusion in their print and picture materials.

By: Anil Kanji and Wanjiro Ndungu

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Faces of Philanthropy

This project takes an advocacy and awareness approach towards diversity and inclusion in the public sector. Focusing on individuals who work in non-profits, charities, and any other human service organizations, Faces of Philanthropy is about telling the stories and sharing the experiences of individuals in the public sector living with visible or non-visible elements of diversity.

This paper accompanies the Faces of Philanthropy website which can be found at:

By: Amy Soden

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