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By Shamina Senaratne

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be an introvert in fundraising. There is a richness to be learned about success in fundraising as an introvert and there are also many advantages diverse fundraising teams can realize when introverts are not only encouraged to be themselves but also supported through workplace design and culture to manage their ability to perform at their best.

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By Fatou Jammeh

This project report outlines the need and pushes for diversity and inclusion within Canadian non-profits. Through learnings and her experiences in the Fellowship, Fatou Jammeh starts within her own organization, UNICEF Canada, to highlight and contribute to the existing strategy of the organization. The report further discusses the policies currently in place at UNICEF and some of the milestones that they have made in this area. Lastly, it concludes with key takeaways to mandating diversity and cultivating inclusion.

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Shedding some light on Corporate Giving and Non-Profit relationships: A case study in Toronto, GTA

By Camila Pererira

The purpose of this study was to shed some light on how social changes, specifically those of diversity, have impacted corporate giving and how/if corporations are integrating these important factors into their CSR giving strategy. The goal was to provide high level understanding – shed light – on the directions corporations and CSR strategies are leading to in their engagement with the not-for-profit sector, providing insight to non-profits to better understand private sector strategies as they seek their support.

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Mind the Gaps – A Demographic Data Collection Exercise at Amnesty International

By Chryslyn Pais

This project explores the demographic constitution of employees at a medium-sized Canadian charity. This was the organization’s first attempt at collecting information on representation (who is at the table) for the purposes of diversity, equity and inclusion. Feedback has been promising with a desire to replicate and continue this exercise at the organization in the future.

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