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Diversity in Corporate Social Responsibility – Linking to prospects for ‘Frontlines’

By Stachen Frederick

This project provides a case for diversity in corporate social responsibility and philanthropy particularly through social enterprise procurement. Building on surveys completed by individuals and analysis of organizations in the corporate social responsibility sector, the author examines opportunities for her organization ‘Frontlines’ to capitalize on gaps in the sector.

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Diaspora Philanthropy in International Development Work

By Jonea Agwa

The project set out to explore and understand how African diaspora groups engage in international development work, and to identify practical steps that Beautiful World Canada can take to involve African diaspora groups in its programmes.

Although the research was undertaken on behalf of Beautiful World Canada, the findings are also relevant to other organizations working in international development.

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From Astrological Motive to Philanthropy Motivation: A Shifting Landscape in Tula Daan

In Palpa, Nepal, Ganga Higher Secondary School organized Shreemad Bhagawat Mahayagya, popularly called Mahayagya – an elaborate Hindu ceremony in which the story of Hindu scripture, Purana, is recited in simple terms – from Jan 2 to 9, 2017 to broaden and revitalize the school’s curriculum by adding an aspect of technical education to its existing courses. The Mahayagya raised over 60 Million rupees donation where 67 individuals made Tula Daan of coins, that is donating coins equal to or more than the weight of one’s own body

This project explores what is Mahayagya and Tula Daan? What is the process of Tula Daan? What is driving it? Why do people undergo a complexity of Tula Daan in making donation? And of late, I’d like to explore how it is becoming more of a philanthropic activity rather than just an astrological practice, bringing a major shift in people’s perspective about Tula Daan.

By: Ranjan Khatri

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AODA Compliance at the Scott Mission

The objective of this project is to develop the tools, policies, and protocols that will move The Scott Mission into a greater degree of AODA compliance. Considering the limited time frame available, the scope of the project will focus on the following three aspects:

  1. Development of an evacuation plan for TSM that will specifically outline protocols for the evacuation of individuals with mobility or other physical accessibility concerns. Having such a plan in place is important for TSM in welcoming individuals with disabilities while being compliant with local fire code.
  2. Recommendations for changes to the physical facilities to make TSM’s headquarters physically accessible, with a focus on creating an environment to allow for the equal hiring of staff and volunteers.
  3. Accessibility education and training for all staff that will inform the development of policies, practices, and future program and building planning.

By: Claudia Hughes

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An Analysis Of Diversity & Inclusion In The Workplace

Far too often fundraising professionals who are seeking new roles have lamented that it is difficult to know the true colours of an organization where they are interviewing. We hope that our project will aid in mitigating this challenge in several ways; firstly we hope that it will allow us to take the temperature of Toronto’s fundraising sector. By having a minimum of 40 professionals at medium and large sized fundraising organizations fill out our survey, we plan to pinpoint some of the trends and issues facing our sector with regards to diversity & inclusion in the workplace. Secondly, our goal is to provide our peers with the opportunity to voice both negative and positive constructive feedback regarding organizations where they have worked. This will allow them to feel heard and respected for their experience. It will create the foundation for a platform where this information can be shared online via a Glassdoor like platform. And lastly, we hope that in the long term such a ongoing project will hold organizations to a higher standard of accountability when it comes to living up to their living up to their diversity and inclusion goals.

By: Hava Goldberg, Tanya Rumble and Thiviyaa Sehasothy

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Beyond Belonging

“Diversity and inclusion” have increasingly become integrated into the lexicon of the non-proft sector, but what do they mean in the context of non-proft work and in the structure of non-proft organizations? Many organizations recognize the importance of diversity in advancing social change, but how are they implementing practices that promote diversity? How are non-profit organizations creating space for inclusion? What are the emerging and differing perspectives on diversity and inclusion?

This project serves as a vehicle to share perspectives of eight inspiring leaders who have been actively involved in the work of diversity and inclusion in the non-proft sector in the Greater Toronto Area. The stories aim to push past theoretical discussions of diversity to create space for meaningful inclusion and action-oriented change. By sharing both positive experiences as well as challenges that each individual has encountered, this project aims to provide individuals and organizations with diverse perspectives, required to enhance diversity and inclusion and to ultimately inspire action and positive change.

By: Teresa Cheung, Nayeon Kim and Fran Rawling

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