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How to Create a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy at Your Small Non-Profit – Part 1

February 7, 2019

Photo: Toronto’s Don Valley, November 2018 If you’re like me, you work for a small non-profit organization where the lean realities of funding mean that there are limited resources to devote to diversity and inclusion (D&I) work. It’s not the easiest kind of work but I believe that diversity and inclusion work is some of … Continue reading

Pace and Breathe: Running the Marathon of an Individual Giving Program

January 13, 2017

For every fundraiser out there whose primary focus is individual giving, you have experienced a week similar to this. On Monday morning, you review your annual individual donation revenue goal and make a promise to yourself: I must close at least five donations by the end of this week. By the afternoon, you send out … Continue reading

Congress 2016 – My Learning Experience

January 13, 2017

My first Congress – My realization to Lead from where I stand Wow, what a great theme for Congress 2016 – Lead from where you stand! During the opening plenary, Liane Davey said, “Every person has the ability to change the team for something better.” These words showed me the power of one, the power … Continue reading

Diversity, Data and Donations: Key Findings to Maximize Your Donor Base

December 5, 2016

When I was the Associate Director of Donor Services and Operations at Free The Children (now www.We.org), I had the opportunity to work with Nielsen (http://www.nielsen.com/ca/en.html). Nielsen, an international consumer research and data analytics firm, conducted a pro bono project for our organization as part of their annual charitable giving day which benefitted their corporate … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Conferences: Collection Versus Selection

November 18, 2016

– If you want to meet everybody, you will meet nobody. – If you aim for collection, you might miss the beauty of selection. These are a couple of things that I learned from my first AFP Toronto Congress back in 2012. Coincidentally, It was my first year in Canada as well. Many things were … Continue reading

Donors 3.0 — “Show Me The … Diversity?”

November 14, 2016

Has this ever happened to you? You are sipping coffee with a potential donor when he or she asks you: “By the way, who is on your Board of Directors?” In my career as a fundraiser so far, in the arts and for post-graduate education, this question has never been addressed to me—yet. But I … Continue reading

Effective Donor Engagement and Retention: Tips and Strategies

November 8, 2016

“Hello, I’d like to cancel my donation.” I sigh inside but greet the caller happily as I bring up their donor file on the database. It’s never a nice start to a day, to listen to a supporter call in to stop their monthly support. Despite the setback, we’ve found a way to turn this … Continue reading

How to Persuade Donors to Support Non-Profits Without the Tax Benefit

November 8, 2016

What do you do when several potential donors decline to support your cause because you cannot issue tax deductible receipts? Whether you are raising funds for starving children in sub-Saharan Africa, or a natural disaster, or a grassroots advocacy organization, you always face challenges with persuading donors to give. It could be that they are … Continue reading

Pitfalls to Avoid in Dealing with Volunteers

October 28, 2016

Many charitable organizations rely heavily on volunteers. Oftentimes, volunteers help fill the gap between program needs and staff limitations. Programs like Meals On Wheels are completely volunteer-driven. Some organizations use volunteers to perform office administrative tasks which help keep their departments running smoothly. Volunteerism also offers a way of providing work experience for clients who … Continue reading

Trillium Foundation’s CEO, Andrea Cohen Barrack inspires Fellows on diversity issues, leadership, tenacity

October 27, 2016

“Interrupt the status quo!” Those are the words of the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s (OTF) CEO Andrea Cohen Barrack, that she shared at the Summer Social for the Fellows of the Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship. Held at William’s Landing in downtown Toronto, the event featured Cohen Barrack’s insights into leadership, growth and how tenacity helped her … Continue reading